Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Babushka Birthday Cake

Little Miss turned 7 earlier this year (April, so I'm only running a month and a half behind) and she scoured through the cake books to decide what sort of cake she'd have for her party.

We'd organised a 'baking' party that was held somewhere else (thank goodness) so the theme was pretty open. I was glad we'd decided not to have the party at home because in the week before her birthday I ended up in hospital with anaemia requiring a blood and iron transfusion.
So thankfully I just had to make a cake. (Actually I needed a birthday cake, cakes for school and a cake for each party with the Grandparents!)

I'd suggested a lot of things but Little Miss was wanting something quite complicated. I wasn't sure how I'd go about complicated so in desperation suggested a Babushka Doll cake. She loved the idea as they'd been making them in art at school. I then had to think how I'd make it! My first thought was a big slab and cutting the shape out, but some how I didn't think that would come out right.

So instead I made two round cakes, cut the bottom flat on one and on that same one I cut a curve that the top cake would fit in. I also made the head circle a little smaller than the body circle.

Some white icing for the face.

And then red/pink for the body.
One of LM's friends came over early and the girls had great fun decorating the cake. I decorated the face and tidied up a bit once they'd stuck the lollies on but it was pretty much their work.

It was a HUGE success at the party, when the girls saw it they all loved it (they've all been working on babushka's at school) and apparently it tasted delicious as most of them came back for seconds! I wasn't fussy about where I cut so they all got a big plate full of lollies too.
The girls were very impressed that the birthday girl + friend decorated the cake.
I can definitely recommend this cake - it's easy to do and a big hit amongst the 7 -8 year old girls.


essle said...

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Emily said...

Love it! Thanks. I just made one for my little girl who I adopted from Russia. She is two. It was a huge hit. I've also shared your blog with 1,000 other moms on facebook who have adopted from Russia so I think there's going to be many more cakes inspired by yours!