Friday, May 27, 2011

Blue Day

School was holding a fundraising 'blue' day - to raise money for the kids at Milton Public School after the floods in Queensland, raising money to buy musical instruments.

Blue is not a colour that is prolific in the wardrobe of our Little Miss so I decided I'd make her something.

The material was from Spotlight and is quite simple stuff, just white spots on aqua and some white spots on pink.
I made a simple circle skirt, by extending a pattern I have already. I made the waist a bit smaller as well, so that it wasn't so gathered round the waist. The pink edging on the bottom was great because I didn't have to hem the skirt.
I also put some applique on the tshirt - just a plain tshirt from BigW, but the applique makes it look a bit fancier.
A cute little outfit that has had lots of wear since blue day. The applique on the tshirt was easier than I imagined so I will definitely be doing more of that.
The dog wanted to get in on the photos too. :o)

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