Friday, April 2, 2010

Look what my partner found for me in her hunt!

This is the scavenger hunt parcel I received from Layla.
Full to the brim of lovely stuff.
A cup that she painted my name on and a ball of yarn. (Clever idea, I might have to use that one too!)

Some lovely Bendigo yarn. It's Luxury, in Ruby.
Some gorgeous yellow buttons and some soak. (I love buttons, I am going to have to learn some button craft)
A metal knitting needle bracelet. Very nice, I hope I get some comments on it, I think it's really funky.
Some yummmmmmy peppermint tea (which we've both sampled and it is truly delicious) + the gorgeous spoon, which gives you a perfect cup of tea.
A project bag. I love the colour, but I really like how she put the knitted part on the front.
It's full of my current project and an easy little bag to use.
I think I'm going to have to try one or two with these knitted pockets.

She also sent a fairy book + a little felt guinea pig broach for Little Miss (which she adored, as the book has her name in the title) and for Little Master a Peppa Pig + Thomas the Tank Engine book, which he went wild over.

A great big thank you to Layla, we were all very happy.

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