Friday, April 2, 2010

An orange skirt for Harmony Day

Harmony Day - a day for celebrating diversity is adorned in the colour orange.
We don't have a lot of orange in our wardrobes, and with the little Miss being part of the Student Representative Council who get to organise Harmony Day, she most definitely had to wear orange.

I thought I'd be clever and go and get some material and make a skirt.
There is not a lot of orange material at the shops (well not at Spotlight anyway), but I did manage to find some.

Little Miss's request was orange ribbons for her hair. This was the easiest part of the outfit!

And here's the skirt. I started with a simple free pattern from the Internet, it involved a casing for the elastic in contrasting fabric and a band round the bottom in contrasting fabric. But when I finished it it looked like a sack on her. There was waaaay too much material for the skinny thing she is, so I took the waistband off and started again.
When I remade the skirt I gathered it onto a yoke. The yoke still gathers with the elastic, but it's not as full as before.
The most important thing is that the skirt twirls!
I took a trip to the local shops to see if I could find an orange tshirt in the remnants of summer clothes. Luckily I did - although it's not the colour I would have chosen, it picks up on a couple of the colours on the skirt, it's actually the hat that doesn't go.
She was happy.
I won't be making this pattern again - learnt my lesson.
She's still wearing the skirt, even though we're past Harmony Day so she must like it.

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