Thursday, April 1, 2010

The scavenger hunt!

we had 7 categories
The Categories to be Hunted :
1) Something local = purse with apples on it
2) Something hard = yarn jar
3) Something recycled = the dyed yarn
4) Something related to the letter ‘H’ = handmade project bag with some goodies hidden inside
5) Something round = stitch markers
6) Something red or green (NOT red AND green – check your partners preference) = some green malabrigo
7) Sender’s choice (make up a category for your item!) = knit an elephant kit

The story behind the little purse - something local. I struggled. Ikea is local to me but I couldn't really make it fit, then I thought of the biggest thing in the area. Just up the road is the original home of the Granny Smith apple. Yep Granny Smith was once a local of here, hence the green apple purse.
Well I thought it was a good idea.
My partner's favourite colour is purple and she wanted to make an Ishbel so I hope she can with this yarn.

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