Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am a member of Ravelry.
It's a community of knitters and crocheters. A big community that is world wide.
[Side note - I only got back into knitting when I was pregnant with my son and has such a craving to knit that I sought out a different way of knitting via You Tube, and have enjoyed it ever since. I knit in a Continental style, which is more similar to crocheting than the traditional English throwing method that most Aussies have grown up watching their Grandmas knitting.]

One of the Groups I'm involved in is a "Swapping" Group. With other friends in Australia we swap parcels that can be made up of what ever the current swap rules dictate.

This is my first swap and it's part of a rainbow series.
I give a parcel to someone, and get a parcel from someone different.
I gave my parcel to a lady named Deb, who happens to live close to Mum, which was convenient as I met up with her at a dyeing day the North East Victorian Ravellers held. (Another story, more pictures, later)
Oh, and there's a monetary value set on the parcel - it's really a guide.
But I received a parcel from a lady in Brisbane named Donna (Craftjunk on Ravelry). I enjoyed reading Donna's blog - she's a lot like me.

Here's what I received the other day -

You had to include 1 skein of orange fibre and a notion.
Craftjunk sent me some lovely Alpaca in a natural cream colour plus packets of KoolAid (an American cordial powder) so I can dye my own orange (loved the note that came with it).
Some orange + orange and pink bamboo. (Have touched this many times in the shop, can't wait to try it)
A lovely project bag that she made, a storage container, some buttons, some stationery, some handmade stitch markers and some sweeties.

Here's the bag full of yarn.

Very nice.
I love this swapping.
It's nerve wracking making a swap for someone else, hoping you get what they like, but it's so exciting waiting for and receiving your swap.

I could be involved in quite a few swaps but I'm keeping myself limited, just so I'm not over committed.

As soon as I edit the photos of the parcel I made I'll post them.

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