Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new beginning

It's been 12 months, well give or take 2 weeks, since I last touched this blog.
I'm giving it a new lease of life.

I can't be bothered too much with New Years Resolutions, mainly because I can't be bothered with New Years.
One year I made really creative resolutions (do a calligraphy class, go a few places etc etc) and I had completed all of them by June. I liked that.

I make resolutions just about every day, and often they're broken by the end of the week. But I'd be pretty happy to guess that I'm not the only one doing that. :o)

A n y w a y ...... I have decided (resolved even) to separate my family blog and what I'm doing creatively. Not that I had much of that on the other blog but now I'm going to really separate it.
Also I'm going to post at least one entry here each week.
I'd like to think it will be about what I'm making, or creating, but in reality life gets in the way some weeks so I'll just have to be creative about what I'm posting.

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