Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lunch Bag

I wanted to make DD some bags to put her recess and lunch in for school.
This came about because the teacher said the Kindergarten kids find it hard to get the big lunch bags (insulated ones) out of their bags. As she likes lots of little things I knew I'd be sending many boxes filled with little bits of this and that for her to eat, every day. It seemed the best way to contain these would be in a bag.

So here it is.
It's just a recess bag, I have a commercial one for a lunch bag, if this one works well I'll make her a lunch one.
I made up the pattern, basically it's 8 inches long, and 2 inches wide and I've not measured how tall.It has a handle across the top of it so she can drag it out of her bag and closes with a draw string.
It's cute, we've been taking it every where.
I have another pattern in cupcakes so I'm going to make another one... maybe another few, they're cute, easy and great to lug around.
It's lined with towelling to help keep things a bit cooler, and to absorb any drips and drops.
She likes it and we've been practising using it.
We'll see tomorrow how it goes - for real.

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