Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Orange Swap

My computer has not been my friend - my big desk top that is.
So I have loaded a few photos through my laptop and edited.

This is the parcel I made for my swap partner - the lovely Deb.

Because I didn't have to post it (Deb came to a gathering that was organised at the farm while I was visiting) I made a large tote for her.
There was a bit of a debate as to whether I should make a tote or a bag more in the style of the ubiquitous green shopping bag. The tote won and I even put in a magnet closure so her knitting won't fall out.

So what else?
Some baby alpaca (Eki Riva) some cotton (Valentino) some orange marino tops (passed on to me from my friend Maree as well as a ball of homespun that she made from the same tops) some merino/silk tops in an orange-pink mix (in the plastic bag, the colour doesn't show well here), some Lindt chocolate, some Kikki.K stationery (mouse mat, bull dog clips, little camera bag), a little pair of fold up scissors and a tea towel (the tops are very hairy, the tea towel is for Deb's lap when she spins).

One with the flash - the colour of the tops seems truer here.

All wrapped up
Ready and waiting...

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Mooska said...

Wasn't I spoilt! I just love everything ~ especially the gorgeous orange bag. It goes everywhere with me with all my knitting goodies.
Still planning some project with my yummy yarns and fibre. Lindt chocolate is all gone (didn't last long...LOL)

Thankyou so much Penny...x