Saturday, July 3, 2010

Voila! A baby jacket

When I saw this pattern I really wanted to make one.
One of the ladies in the Crochet Lovers Victoria Group on Ravelry was having a baby, so what better opportunity.

I'm sure I had grand plans of dyeing some yarn, I can't remember now because when I was going through my stash I found some left over stuff from a jumper I made my DS (which is still not finished as I didn't think it was good enough then, but looking at it now it's fine).

It's 4ply baby wool, but doubled. The white has a little acrylic in it I think. They were both a joy to work with though.

I love the way you go round and round and end up with this messy hexagon...
... which turns quite neatly into one side of the little jacket.
I procrastinated putting the collar on, I thought it would be terribly complicated, but it wasn't at all!
I sewed a flat joining seam up the back and single crochet along the top of the sleeves.

Here it is before I blocked it.
And the end result.
No idea if it fits. It might be a little too big, but as the recipient is in Melbourne he might be able to wear it a little later in the year as well.

It was pretty cute when it was finished and nearly 3yo DS wanted to keep it for him.
He even decided he was still a baby so he could wear it. :o) I didn't try it on him. I'm planning something else for him instead.

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