Friday, July 23, 2010

Le Maillot Rouge

In my crafting side trip I had to take a side trip. I was off at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show for a couple of weeks in July - ok I wasn't at the show for a couple of weeks, just 3 days, but the couple of weeks leading up to it I was down visiting with Mum and there was just no time to knit.

An-nee-way I'm back on track and the vest is whizzing along. I needed another ball of red and picked that up while I was away too.

So here it is... I've got the bands to do - my favourite part... NOT! And then I think I'm foolishly attempting the impossible, I'm going to try and embroider Thomas the Tank Engine on the front.
The Little Man has asked for a blue vest too. Unless the embroider goes like a dream I hope he's happy with just a blue one.

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