Friday, July 23, 2010

Renshaw - In Cavendish Blue

I promise to take some more photos of this once it's finished blocking but I really quite like it so I couldn't wait.

The pattern is from Crochet!Magazine and is the Web Bonus for September and is called the Copper Shoulder Wrap.
I knew as soon as I saw it I really wanted to make one. I have no idea why. I also knew immediately that I wanted it in a semi-solid blue.
Once I'd hunted down enough yarn I dyed it straight away and loved the colour.

The pattern worked up quite quick and easily although I struggled over how to join the trim and in the end I sewed it on, which works really well with this yarn.
I'm lightly blocking at the moment, to sort out the trim.
I have lots of left over yarn. I still love the colour, I still love the pattern.

Oh and I named it in honour of my favourite Tour rider - even with his early departure, and the name of the colour just seemed to fit too.

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