Monday, February 8, 2010

Christmas Presents

As part of the Australian Swappers Group on Ravelry I participated in a Christmas swap.
We had to keep the parcels under the tree until Christmas Day - this didn't prove as hard to me as I thought. I simply didn't open the parcel and hid it under the Christmas tree skirt... out of sight, out of mind. (It helped that I was frantically busy before Christmas).

My parcel was from the wonderful Samantha (her jewellery store Butterfly Beads is on Made It).

I love the ball of yarn she made me as a necklace. It has a red centre.
Isn't the purse gorgeous too? I keep my special things in it. I just luuurrrve the colour. :o)
There was also some lovely peppermint tea, some earth friendly stationery and it was all wrapped up in a nice red tea towel.

How cute are these earrings below? Mum ordered them from Sam and then she put them in our Bon-bons. Much much better than the usual plastic what-nots in bon-bons!
Sam does great work jewellery work and beautiful stitch markers.
It was a lovely Christmas present and I think it might have been the first one I opened! :o)

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