Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have joined 2 crochet alongs (CALs) on Ravelry.
One has hundreds of people in it, one only a few. The big one is very multinational, the little very Australian.
I have chosen a very neutral palette in the hope that even though the patterns are different the neutralness of colour will not make it feel too busy.

So far, I haven't much liked the patterns in the International CAL, so haven't made any of the squares. The same can't be said for the Aussie one and I am well and truly hooked (boom boom) on the making of these squares.

Here is my first one. Octagon Medallion.

I won't mention that once I realised I wouldn't have enough yarn to do an entire QB blanket I undid part of the square to be able to use another yarn and this unfinished square is still sitting here waiting it's turn.

Also, as I'm using 8ply (DK) my squares are only about 8 inches square. This doesn't worry me, I don't want to make the border bigger (a 4 inch border I think is stretching the friendship), I'll just make more squares.

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