Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Solving second sock syndrome

A lot of my knitting experience has come via my mother.
She spins, she knits, she crochets,she sews, she patchworks, she cooks yummy cakes and bikkies, she can make just about anything you ever need (erm, I see my addiction to multiple crafts is also inherited as well).

The one thing she has always said is that she doesn't knit socks.
She has knit one sock. Just one. Couldn't do two. Doesn't like knitting socks.

I've carried this with me a fair while.
I have always believed socks are tricky and once you've done one you're not likely to do a second one.

But knitting trends are leaning heavily on socks at the moment, especially with what is coming from the US. People are paying unbelievable amounts of money to buy beautiful yarn to turn it into socks (is $30 for a pair of socks extreme???), dyeing yarn to knit socks is all the rage and attending massive sock summits to fuel their passion.

Surely there is something in it.

So I thought I might give it a go. At least one pair so I can tell whether I like it or not.
But I suffer second sleeve syndrome quite badly, and a sock is just a version of a sleeve sort of.

Then I heard about knitting two socks at once. This had me very interested.
I'm not good at double pointed needles, I get ladder holes and I don't enjoy changing needles all the time. Magic loop isn't really my favourite either, but then I heard about 2 socks on two circular needles. This had my attention.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a lot of information out about it, so I just thought I'd jump in and nut it out... surely it couldn't be that hard.

So here they are... a little pair of socks (people with little feet in this family) from some hand dyed crepe.

They're actually on two circulars and after a rocky start I've really got the hang of it.
I'm up to the heal.

I should mention this is also my first pair of socks, so not only am I doing the two circular thing, I'm also learning about socks on the way. My guide? The Yarn Harlot and her simple sock recipe.

Can't wait until they're finished.

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Lynne said...

It was nice to meet you yesterday. Glad you enjoyed the workshop.