Sunday, September 6, 2009

Loved One Swap

No, we're not swapping loved ones,, no wouldn't swap them right now, they're both asleep and the big one is on an aeroplane off to visit another Uni.

This swap involved making and sending things for our kids. I only put my daughter's name down as the little man won't really be interested.
We were encouraged to get our kids involved, but the Little Miss wasn't that interested in the whole swap thing, more because she couldn't understand why we'd make something for a perfect stranger rather than making something for all her friends at school. I didn't push it too much, she is wonderfully giving, just this didn't click with her.

This is what she did help me make, the sweet treats to go with our parcel.

Cute, aren't they? Little cappuccinos.She loves making these and both kids sat at the bench helping, although the Little Mister likes to 'help' by eating all the freckles. Little Miss doesn't like chocolate (yep, you read right, she doesn't each chocolate - voluntarily) but we did make some with white chocolate buttons on top.
She did make sure there was a spare one to take to her teacher in the morning.
I made my 12 year old swappee a project bag.

Her favourite colours are purple and blue, so I hope she likes the butterflies which have a lot of blue and purple in them, I also lined the bag in purple.
It's a deceptively large bag.
I'm not a fan of the colours (purple is not my thing) but after carrying the bag round the house for a while I could have easily kept it. Will have to make my own (yep, add that to the list of things to do).

The swap needed a few other things in it and I have to thank my Mum for knitting the lovely purple headband with the heart clip and also for giving me the yarn to add into the swap, as well as the piece of rainbow 'string' that might make a nice friendship band.
I made the little bunny added some lip gloss, body glitter and I think I may have added some cute girly pencils + erasers + a high heel pencil sharper, but I'll have to wait for the parcel to arrive to check that.
And for her Mum, some handspun BFL that I overdyed + some chocolate.
This will be my last swap for a while. I'm swapped out.
There's lots of other things going on in my busy household so I might get back to swapping a bit later, in the mean time I might be able to find some time to get a few of those project bags that I'm envious of made for myself.

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