Saturday, October 17, 2009

A little experiment

I did an experiment the other day and I wanted to share the outcome.

I took 3 skeins of pure wool (crepe) and one skein of wool/nylon/acrylic blend and dyed them
I used three types of dye in similar colours
1. food colouring - pillarbox red
2. Kool Aid - cherry
3. Gaywool dye - crab apple

I put all yarn through a mordant prior to dyeing.
I dyed all three the same way in a modified 'painting yarn' type of way... ok I tipped the dye on and covered the yarn.
I steamed each skein to set the dye.

Here are the results
From left to right
1. Wool + food colouring (quite a patchy pale result)
2. Wool + KoolAid (nice result, slight variegation, good coverage)
3. Wool + Gaywool (good saturation, excellent coverage, deep colour)
4. Wool/acrylic/nylon mix (nice texture to the colour where the slight white of the nylon/acrylic which doesn't take the day, shows through. A soft colour but still good saturation and excellent coverage.)

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