Friday, August 28, 2009

Song Sung Blue, everybody knows one

I finally got all my stuff together for the blue swap.
For being a colour that I really like, this swap did not seem to come together easily.
All the blues that jumped out at me were grey-blues, denim type colours, and my partner is not fond of that shade of blue.
But here's what I managed to get together -

I wanted to make a box type bag, but the piece of fabric I had was just not the right shape to make a squarish box, so an oblong one emerged. Actually it fits and enormous amount and if you're carrying fairly short straight needles they fit too. The shape grew on me as I carried the bag around, but I hope my partner likes it. I wanted her to be able to use it for sewing notions as well and I thought the long shape would be good for carrying things like pincushions and scissors.
The bag is reversible (if you so desired, but all that really means is that no seems are visible on the inside, this was close to an impossible task, must figure out how to make that step easier!)

I made a little card with buttons on the front - decorative and functional.
This bag holds 5 balls of yarn plus other odds and ends. It's big.
Some of the other odds and ends.
A bit of blue Kool-Aid, blue sticky notes, blue tape measure, blue scissors, blue low fat doughnut, blue bookmark, blue idea notebook, a blue sheep purse, and a blue pen/highlighter.
Some of the crepe I dyed. Dyed with Earth Palette cold water dyes.
Good for socks, I hope.
Some lovely bamboo. It's a nice fresh summery colour.
Lovely soft Filatura de Crosa Zara in quite a strong rich blue.
The best kind of doughnut :o) minimal calories. These are becoming a habit aren't they?
Oh, and some stitch markers, blue with little pink roses in the glass.

The lot. I hope my partner finds a home for some of it and some projects for the other bits.

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Marisha Stone said...

Just wanted to comment on this because I was the recipient of this swap all those years ago, and that was a quite low point in my life and I really really loved receiving this one. I STILL use this bag for all my projects, as it is an awesome size and the loop is perfect for hanging on my arm for knitting on the go.
I knit up the zara into a beanie for my son, it is my favourite pincushion, the bookmark is used everyday in our devotion book with the kids.
Thankyou Penny :-) and all good knitting love to you and your family