Monday, August 3, 2009

The Bendigo Haul

I won't say we were full to capacity at the end of our Friday at the Bendigo Wool and Sheep Show, however we were certainly happy to dump things in the car!This was just Mum's stuff on the table.
She got some spare bobbins for her spinning wheel, and quite a bit of nice stuff to spin.
She's holding up a sheep print that will go on the wall too.

A stop at the Bendigo Woollen Mills got this nice pink cotton from the back room too.
And there's some lovely silky wool at the front, some wraps per inch measures and a nostapin (if that's the right spelling) for winding balls of wool by hand.
This lovely pinky purpley mixture came from Ixchel Bunny and the plan is to spin something for my DD (who chose the colour) I would advise leaving this until she will actually wear it - so the 12th of never. (Don't believer her when she says she'll wear it, your hard work just sits on the floor. Ask me how I know!)
I think that might be some orangey reddy purpley camel bunny in the plait next to it.
The nice green came from Pear Tree. I think it might be an alpaca blend or something like that.

And some of my stash. Some melon green cotton for a jumper I'm planning - cotton jumpers are great for Sydney. Some ten ply for a project I have in mind and something else, maybe 12 ply, for the achievement certificate.

I bought some very cheap Opel sock yarn (and will attempt them soon, I promise, especially if DH goes to the US and brings me back some knitpicks to knit them on), some Landscape dyes, some Pear Tree yarn, some cashmerino and some silk plus some wraps per inch measures.
One very full table.

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