Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baa baa white sheep have you any tea?

How cute is this sheep tea cosy?
It was a bit of a struggle to start and to get the right size, as well as getting the thickness in the fabric that I wanted (well it is supposed to keep the teapot warm) as I had to work with 8ply (worsted weight wool not common here), which I ended up doubling up.
Also we only have tiny teapots, maybe a four cup at the most teapot, but generally a two cup pot. I only drink herbal tea and DH, although he'd drink his share and everyone else's too, tries to keep his tea drinking to reasonable levels after drinking more than humanly possible while we lived in the UK.
Uh oh sheep, here comes trouble.... can you see that little hand sneaking into the background for a pat? On the face is a HUGE grin.
I wonder if he knows what it is...
I asked him whether he'd like to hold it and his little arms went out in an instant.
See that look, that is pure trouble. Watch out sheep.
I made sheep noises and he giggled his head off. He also liked the loopy fabric.
... and there he goes.
He accompanied the sheep on a very fast paced tour of the back yard. (Which, let's face it, if it had been a real sheep it would have done anyway... however the sheep wouldn't have thrown back its head and let out a mischievous cackle)
Nice sheepy. I told him to pat it gently.
So he made some funny noises at it
and then, in true boy fashion, tried to pull its head off.
Oops, the sheep needs some exercise again.

He will stand still at points, but he knows he's far enough away that you have to take two or three steps to get to him and by the time you've done that, he's run off, giggling.
He loves the sheep...
...and I think the sheep might love him.
Ah sheep, I've put you up high now... you're safe.
uh oh...
Never fear, I threw a Thomas the Tank Engine on the ground and my little helper scampered after it.
If you want to knit this pattern it's called Sheepish Look by Caroline Lowbridge and is in the book Tea Cozies
This sheep is on it's way to a tea cosy competition in Morpeth, NSW. I'm pretty sure I won't win anything, apart from being cute it's not really a remarkable tea cosy, but it will be part of a display for my Knitting Guild Group - Little Bo Peep.


lyn said...

i really like your sheep tea cosy, can you please advise me as to where i can find the pattern

Penny said...

Hi Lyn,
It's based on the one in the book "Tea Cozies", which is available through Amazon.

Although I based on that pattern, using different yarn and a different number of stitches gives a different look.