Sunday, February 1, 2009

I am a one woman salad production sweat shop

My daughter doesn't much like sandwiches - she'll eat them occasionally, but on the whole they get by passed.
She does, however, like salad (as does my 18 month old son, and the rest of us in the house).
So for her lunches I thought I'd just make her a little box of salad while I'm making the dinner salad. Well this has grown to
  • a salad for dinner
  • a salad for her morning tea (recess)
  • a fruit salad for lunch
  • a salad for my husband's lunch
  • and then a box for me to eat with lunch
That's a lot of salad! I'm a regular at our grocers, they also do freshly sliced turkey and yummy ham (for the man of the house only, the rest of us can't eat it)

The lunch box at the front is hubby's and it has ham wrapped and packed in the middle, it's my box behind that, then G's two boxes and the dinner bowl.
This lunch looked so yummy he's lucky he got it.

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