Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NEVYL dyeing day

While I was down visiting Mum over the Summer holidays the North East Victorian Yarn Lovers Group from Ravelry met at the farm and we had a dyeing day. Yay!The dyes were Gaywool and everyone brought their own wool.
The wool needed no preparation except to be skeined and not previously washed with wool wash.
Once you've put the dyes on the wool, you then wrap your wool parcel in plastic and pop it in one of the pots to be steamed.
And enjoy a bbq.
The kids enjoyed it too.

Admiring the end results.

What comes out of the pot isn't what it always looks like finished either - but here is some straight out of the pot.

Mum and I were the last couple working... I had such fun. I watched everyone do theirs so had a chance to think about how I wanted mine to turn out.
I had two lots of lovely 4ply wool from the Mill, in white. I separated it into two skeins, one for each of the kids, with the intention of making a pair of socks for each of them. (I actually had about 200gms of wool in each skein.)
I used pink + purple one one skein and did sections about 20cms long for each colour, but overlapped them.
For the other I used red and yellow and only did red/yellow/red/yellow - red in the middle and yellow on the ends, but with the colours overlapping to give a nice mixed orange part.

I was very happy and excited with the results.
The wool was fantastic to dye and I am looking forward to knitting it as it was really nice to work with.
Simply gorgeous.

What a very addictive hobby... I could do the dyeing all day - like I need more yarn in my already overflowing craft room.

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Handmade said...

Looks like a fun day - and the results are very vibrant!