Saturday, January 22, 2011

Magic Yarn Ball for Christmas

In my Ravelry Swap Group we did a Magic Yarn Ball (MYB) for Christmas.
Here's mine -
  • the yarn is Araucania Itata Solid in Melon
  • the idea of a myb is that you fill the ball of yarn with presents that drop out as you knit. To do this you need to unwind your skein (or ball) and then wind around all your goodies

  • this results in a ball of yarn in an unusual shape. (Even my DH really liked the idea of the myb)
The insides -
  • right in the middle I had some hand dyed wool silk roving
  • some of the almond biscuits I'd been making for the kids
  • a Christmas sheep that pooed jelly beans
  • a notepad
  • some handmade stitch markers in a little purse
  • a sample pack of dyes to try and a little thing of soak
  • some buttons, a wraps per inch measure
  • a project bag I'd made from two fat quarters + a small pair of scissors, needles and tape measure to go in it
  • bag and buttons

1 comment:

Mary Doukakis said...

Penny, if I were in the swap group, I'd want to get YOUR MYB! WOWIE! Lots of goodies :)