Thursday, August 26, 2010

When I love washing

I find something immensely satisfying about washing and drying the material I've bought to make things out of.
It's possibly because when I wash and dry it I feel like I'm actually doing something with out having to commit to cutting and sewing it.
Or whether it just gives me more time to wonder exactly what I'm going to do with it.
I enjoy ironing it too.... can't say that about all the other ironing, although this ironing is flat and straight so somewhat easier than most the other stuff.

I think my husband would tell you it's because I am so tactile and the whole washing process lets me see and touch all the fabric with out anyone realising how weird I really am.

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Lillabilly said...

Hi Penny! Do you know, I feel EXACTLY the same about washing, hanging, drying and ironing material to be made into something. I adore looking out the window and seeing them all hanging on the line, even when they don't match they all seem to look great together, don't you think? So to me, you're not weird at all!