Monday, June 28, 2010

Pink Swapped

I struggled putting this pink swap together.
Pink was not my partner's favourite colour. She liked deep rose pink and dusty pink. I was a bit stumped with this. It's not this seasons colour that's for sure.

My creative mojo seemed to be on holiday as well.

I panicked for ages over the package, here's what went in.

She likes to knit baby clothes and I couldn't help it with this magazine, the title was pink!
A knitting kit for one of her kids, a couple of little notebooks, some stationery....

A little bag to keep nick naks in, a pink tape measure and some pink stitch markers that I made.

The note books are cute and the panda one has a pen, good if you've got the kids out and nothing for them to do... or to take knitting notes. A little stationery kit that would fit easily into a knitting bag.

And speaking of bags, it seems to be what I ended up with this time - long story, I started a shawl but ummed and ahhhed over it and eventually got the feeling that she might not like it, not to mention that each row was taking longer and longer to get through, there was no way I was going to get it finished on time. So I went back to bags. Even if pink isn't your favourite colour you can always use pink project bags, even if it's to store those work in progress projects.

This one was a sling type bag, one strap and a button closure.

I was hoping the roses were the right rose colour and I'd seen my partner wearing a deep red jumper before and friends said she liked maroon, so I was hoping this one would be just right.

I did find some yarn to fill it with...

... some pink and white Sugar'n'Cream
and some Bendigo Woollen Mills 'Melody' in Dusky Pink.
hmmm.. not sure of the colour, I ordered it from an Internet colour chart.
I know it says pink, but I'd almost call it purple.
Oh, and because I was panicking first of all I ended up buying a bag from Blue Tulip on Etsy.
I had lost my creative mojo and was so worried I'd end up with nothing.
Hers is a bit more professionally finished than mine. To start with it's got a tag ;o)
Here's a drawstring (well draw-ribbon) bag I made - I had plenty of fabric so thought I'd use it.
I think this one might have actually been reversible - for when you feel like a change you can use the other pink side. :o)
hmmm that pile of bags is growing.
And finally I made a simple, two handled, bag. (If it has a style its name escapes me right at this moment.) I didn't line this one.

Another bag - reversible.

And finally a little bag of lollies for the kids.

I know there were lots of bags, but by the end of my 'putting the package together' time I was feeling guilty as I'd shelved the shawl and I had tried to make felted slippers that were HUGE so they got shelved too. I can do sewn bags so I just kept making!
Looking back on it now it's not as bad as I felt then.

I've since taken a bit of a break from such intensive swapping. I was feeling quite burnt out.
I have a few big things on my plate that will pass by the end of July (well a little past the middle really) and I'm looking forward to being able to sit at my sewing machine and doing exactly what I'd like to do. :o)

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