Saturday, June 12, 2010

My turn for birthday swapping

My first birthday swap came up at the end of April.Align Center
I'd collected a few things that I thought my swappee might like and I decided to go with a blue theme as she said she liked that and neutrals.

A few little samples of fibre - she's learning to spin.

Some baby cashmere in a denim blue (hard to part with this one, I liked the colour)

And some white yarn for her to dye as she's a great dyer. (I think some was sock and some three ply for a shawl.)

Stitch markers - the beaded ones were made by the lovely SammiT who sells her work when she's not too busy + some locking stitch markers that I've been selling at markets.

The whole package + the bag it was going in.

The bag.
This one nearly didn't make it into the parcel, I really like it.
The material is a neutral colour and the spots are navy, sky blue, green and white. I put blue lining into it.
Thankfully I have some material left over to make another one (just need the time).

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