Monday, October 6, 2014

Use the force.... and the sewing machine

My dear son is going through a 'Star Wars' phase.  
I happened to stumble on this material on one of my rare trips to Spotlight. (If you go cold turkey and throw out all their promo material you can survive surprisingly well with out Spotlight... who knew.)
 This was my favourite material.  Not his, but now that I've made them up I can't get them off him.  They're supposed to be pjs, but he wore them out for dinner the first night. 
 I'd better sew the next pair before these ones get too smelly.
The pattern is one that has just 'evolved' over time.  I only cut two pieces and once I've ironed all the hem allowances it takes about 15 minutes to sew up.  I made these ones quite a bit bigger than he needs so that they'll last for next year too, I think they may have worn out before then.