Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Testing - Big Brother Explorer Vest

I put my hand up to test this pattern in Ravelry and originally Miss6 said she'd like a vest and wear it, but after a few days of discussion she decided she wouldn't wear a vest.

We compromised and decided I could make it in her size (for the point of the test) but in colours for her brother so that he could wear it, because he will.

She did agree she'd put it on for photos though, but when it came down to it this afternoon she was pretty grumpy about it!
The colours are nice and they came from using food colouring when we dyed the crepe wool.

I asked Master3 if he'd try it on for me and he was only too happy too, especially if he got to see the photos afterwards.
He's been watching the progress keenly - although he did mention to me that it should have red in it too. Maybe the next one.
He knows what he wants.
I asked him to turn round so I could photograph the back - how cute is this?
It's a bit big, with plenty of length at the moment so it should fit him for *many* more years to come - the best kind of knitting.
He's cute isn't he?
At least someone appreciates the knitting! :o)

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