Friday, February 12, 2010



Free pattern for afghan square

(This pattern is still in testing stages and may contain errors)

8ply (DK), 4.00mm hook for an 8inch block (my 8 inch blocks in DK, normally size up to a 12” block when using worsted weight + appropriate hook)

US terminology used.

CHSP = chain space

SLST = slip stitch

CH = Chain

SC = Single crochet

DC = double crochet

TRC = treble crochet

yoh = yarn over hook

Make 10 chain, join with slip stitch to form a ring.

1. 3CH, 23 DC in ring, sl st to 3rd loop 1st chain (= 24 DC)

2. 1ch, 1SC in each stitch (= 24 SC)

3. 4 ch, 1 TRC in 1st SC (3CH, 1TRC in next 2 DC)* repeat to end CH3 sl st to 4th chain of beginning chain

4. Sl St in 1st TRC, 2sl st in ch3space, CH4

TR Cluster1: [yoh twice, draw up loop in next stitch, yoh and draw through 1st 2 loops on hook, yoh and draw through next 2 (leave loops on hook)]* 2 more times (4TRC ch on hook)

Skip next 2TRC into next ch 3 space

TR Cluster2: [yoh twice, draw up loop in next st ch, yoh and draw through 1st 2 loops on hook, yoh and draw through next 2 (leave loops on hook)]* 3 more times, 8 loops on hook, draw through all loops.

[CH7 in next ch3space

TRC2, skip next 2TR and into next CH3sp TRC2.

(9 loops on hook) draw through all hooks. CH7] work this in each CHSP to end

Sl St in 4th CH at beginning

5. Sl St into 7 ch loop, Ch1, 12 SC in 7 CH loop *(1SC, 1 HDC, 1DC,2 TRC, 6CH, 2TR, 1DC, 1HDC, 1SC in CH7 loop) 12 SC in next CH7 loop twice* repeat ** 3 more times. Last time 11SC in CH7 loop & join with slip stitch in 1st beginning chain.

Change colour

6. Sl stitch at #7 stitch in 12 SC after the corner. 9CH stitch, skip 11,

[SC 8CH Into corner DC, 2CH, DC, 8CH, SC into 7th stitch on arch, 8CH skip 11] repeat 3 times.

Slst into 2nd loop original chain stitch.

7. 4CH, 7DC into 8CH space after corner, DC into SCstitch, 7DC into chain space DC into SC stitch, 8DC into chain space, in corner space DC 2CH DC

(8DC into 8CH space after corner, DC into SCstitch, 7DC into chain space DC into SC stitch, 8DC into chain space, in corner space DC 2CH DC) repeat 3 times

Slip stitch to first chain.

8. HDC in each stitch. Into corner space 2HDC, 2CH, 2HDC

9. Sew in ends and block


Rosemary said...

Locutus of Borg? Awesome name~!

Iin Wibisono said...

beautiful. i'll test it.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Is this a public use pattern that you created, or is it sourced from somewhere? I am working it and I'd like to publish a clearer version of the pattern.

Jenny said...

I know you're super busy and might not be checking comments... Can I help you improve the pattern the way it's written? A lot of people on Ravelry are making this square, but they have to look at the photo to figure out what you mean. I'd like to help clear it up. I've made several of this square so far. Let me know!

FancyPants said...

I don't understand row three. Where do I DC?

Jenny said...

I don't think the blog owner is checking comments here. You can feel free to visit my Ravelry page, where I retyped the whole thing in a clearer format, and added some borders. It's really nice when it's done right!

Jill P said...

where is the pattern for the black lace that goes on top of square?

Jenny said...

Are you sure you're not looking at the color of the table it's sitting on? There's no black yarn in any of the photos...

Brenda Pokorny said...

The pattern is featured on Knit and crochet daily. They show it in black with a multi color square behind it. That's why Jill P asked about the black. When done that way it looks like it a stain glass square. Very pretty!! Thank you Jenna for the rewrite! On Knit and crochet daily they mentioned that this pattern was written in "old pattern language" and you made it modern :)

Duffy said...

Jenna , I am unable to get to your site with the easier directions. Can you post the link again for me? thanks :) Also I can not get to the backing directions. Do you have them as well. Again, thanks :)

Jenny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenny said...

This will take you right to the page if you have a Ravelry account. If you don't have one, it will ask you to register, and you may have to follow this link again.

No, I never saw the original post from Knit & Crochet Daily, therefore I never made that part with the square behind it.

If you follow this link:
It will take you to a search result with photos from other people's projects with this pattern. Some of them have the back panel, and you can click on their projects to see if they left notes or links to other instructions.

Rita Miller said...

You can see the one that's done in black with the colored (stained glass) background here: She has many photos and explains what she did. For the colored piece, she used this pattern:, but the link in the description doesn't work anymore. You have to go here to get it: Thanks, jenna, for the heads up on how to find it on Ravelry.

Unknown said...

Thank you

Unknown said...

Is this on you tube yet? I'm a newbie, can't read patterns.

Jolanda said...

Can you please send me a email: I want to ask you something about the pattern Locutus. Thanks in advance.

Laura said...

Thank you for the beautiful pattern.

Just little ole me said...

Change the white to black for the stained glass Afghan

Unknown said...

Are these patterns printable pls?

Jenny said...

Hi crochet people,
I updated my Ravelry name, so my links I posted won't work now. Try this one.
I made the instructions easier to follow in my notes.
I hope to make a youtube for this square in the future.